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Pat Muchmore

Music Historian

Pat Muchmore was born in Ponca City, Oklahoma in 1976. He showed an early interest in music but came to formal studies fairly late in life when he started learning the piano, and then quickly added the cello, trombone, and guitar to his repertoire. He began serious composition study under Dr. Carolyn Bremer at the University of Oklahoma in 1996 and earned his BM there in 2000. Currently, Pat Muchmore resides in New York City where, in 2010, he earned his PhD in Music Composition at the CUNY Graduate Center studying under John Corigliano, David Del Tredici, and David Olan, and has been teaching music theory and composition at Sarah Lawrence College for the last 20 years. He lives in Queens with his wife, Jenny, and their insane cat, Euclid. His music can be heard on two albums: Fracture: The Music of Pat Muchmore and BABEL fragments.

This Artist performs in the following events:

Early Keyboard Extravaganza, Beethoven Meets the Mambo, Shakespearean Fantasies

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