Complete Repertoire (2021)

Each season Staunton Music Festival's artistic director, Carsten Schmidt, orchestrates an eclectic combination of programs, covering 600 years of exceptional music from the Middle Ages to commissioned premieres. We realize that music lovers go to concerts for many different reasons. One of those reasons is a chance to hear new interpretations of beloved masterworks; another is to discover unexpected treasures from the past and the present. If you are eager to hear a certain work, or perhaps just looking for music by a favorite composer, the Repertoire list below will guide you to everything being performed in Staunton this season.


Click on the work title to visit the relevant concert page. 

Bach, J. C. | Piano Sonata in G, Op.17/4

Bach, J. S. | Cantata No. 131 “Aus der Tiefe”

​Bach, J. S. | Chorus: “Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern”

Bach, J. S. | Orchestral Suite No. 1

Bach, J. S. | Partita in a for flute solo, BWV 1013

Bach, J. S. | Sonata in b for flute and harpsichord, BWV 1030
Bach, J. S. | Sonata in A for flute and harpsichord, BWV 1032
Bach, J. S. | Sonata in C for flute and continuo, BWV 1033
Bach, J. S. | Sonata in e for flute and continuo, BWV 1034
Bach, J. S. | Sonata in E for flute and continuo, BWV 1035
Bach, J. S. | Sonata in g, for oboe and harpsichord, BWV 1030b
Beach | Evening Hymn, for vocal quartet and organ

Beethoven | Canon “Maelzel, Lieber Maelzel”, for vocal quartet
Beethoven | Septet in E-flat

Beethoven | Sonata quasi una Fantasia, Op. 27 No. 2 (“Moonlight”)
Boulanger | Three songs

Brahms | Three Songs from Op. 17, for two sopranos

Britten | Phantasy-Quartet, for oboe and string trio

Burtner | Sonic Physiography of a Time-Stretched Glacier

Buxtehude | Praeludium in g, BuxWV 149, for organ
Caccini | Two Madrigals
Cage | Five, for five voices

Cangelosi | Big Hair Air Guitar, for hi-hats and tape

Carter | Esprit rude/Esprit doux, for flute and clarinet

Castello | Sonata 10, from Book 2, for 2 violins and continuo

Clyne | A Wonderful Day, for chamber ensemble and tape

Copland | Threnody in memoriam of Stravinsky

Couperin | “La Sultane”, for two violins and continuo

Crumb | “A Mountaineer’s Sad Song” and “House of the Rising Sun”

D’Indy | String Sextet in B-flat, Op. 92

Dvořák | String Sextet in A, Op. 48

Dvořák | Two Cypresses, for string quartet
Fauré | Songs, for voice and piano
Gershwin | Overture to An American in Paris, arr. by Wadsworth

Gesualdo | Two Madrigals

Guinivan | Celestial Canons, for percussion trio

Handel | Acis and Galatea
Handel | Vivace and Largo, from Concerto in B-flat major
Handel | Aria: "Fammi combattere," from Orlando

Handel | Cantata: Lucrezia

Handel | Cantata: Mi Palpita il cor

Handel | Duet: A miravi io son intento
Handel | Duet: Va, speme infida

Handel | Harpsichord Suite in E
Handel | Overture and Arias from Hercules
Handel | Two fugues for organ
Haydn | Symphony No. 22 in E-flat ("The Philosopher")

Ives | Songs, for voice and piano
Jofre | Tango Movements, for bandoneon, string quintet and piano

Jofre | Primavera, for flute, bandoneon, vibraphone, etc
Jofre | Concerto for flute, bandoneon, marimba, and string quintet
Jones, Q. | Theme from "Mirage," arr. Wadsworth

Kagel | Rrrrrrr... for percussion duo
Kapsberger | Toccata for lute and organ
Lambert | Four Airs de Cours, for voices, two violins, and continuo
Mahler | Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen, arr. by Schoenberg

Mahler | Symphony No. 9, arr. for chamber ensemble by Simon

Marenzio | Solo e pensoso, for voices and lute

Messiaen | Quartet for the End of Time

Mozart | Ein musikalischer Spaß, for string quintet and two horns
Mozart | Piano Concerto K. 414, for fortepiano and string quintet
Mozart | Sonata for oboe and fortepiano in C, K. 296
Palestrina | Magnificat, for eight voices

Pergolesi | Stabat Mater, for soprano, alto, strings, and continuo

Philidor | Sonata in d for oboe and lute

Piazzolla | Adiós Nonino, for bandoneon, string quintet, and piano

Piazzolla | from Four Seasons of Buenos Aires

Ravel | Chansons madécasses for voice and chamber ensemble

Ravel | Duo for violin and cello

Rore | Two Madrigals, for vocal quartet and lute
Rossi | Toccata No. 1

Satie | Sonatine bureaucratique, for piano and narration
Sierra | Mano à mano, for percussion duo
Strauss, Jr. | The Emperor Waltz, arr. by Schoenberg

Tallis | O sacrum convivium, for voices

Vaughan Williams | from Blake songs, for voice and oboe

Varèse | Density 21.5 for solo flute

Victoria | O magnum mysterium, for vocal quartet

Wadsworth | Breaths Per Minute (world premiere)

Wadsworth | Nonsensations (world premiere)