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Staunton Music Festival's mission has always been to present a compelling mix of music from the past 600 years and to show those works in new and interesting relations.  To further that goal, we developed "Perspectives", a series of short videos that will take you deeper inside the music we perform.  Videos feature SMF performers, composers, and historians sharing insights about music, recollections about specific performances they have given at the festival, and the broader historical context in which music is created.


Each "Perspective" video will include links to related content from our archives, including full concert performances available on the Festival's YouTube channel.  All videos are available for viewing at any time, so explore at your leisure!

OVERVIEW: Carsten Schmidt and Jason Stell introduce the new Perspectives Video Series, which seeks to provide a deeper appreciation for the music and the people who perform at Staunton Music Festival.


In this set of Perspectives, Staunton Music Festival performers and historians take you inside Baroque music and compositional style. Topics touched on include Vivaldi and the Four Seasons, Bach's Funeral Ode, and Handel's powerful oratorio, Theodora.


It's not always clear where the idea and inspiration comes for the creation of new music. This collection of video Perspectives touches on the creative process with Zachary Wadsworth, imitation and adaptation, developing an interpretation, and how a particular instrument fuels the inner spark.


Staunton Music Festival takes a deep interest in presenting music from 1500-1850 on period instruments, both originals and replicas. Among SMF artists are many acclaimed for their expertise on period string, wind, brass, and keyboard instruments, as these Perspectives reveal.

SMF17-05 Journeys-Landscapes-1555 (1280x


Sometimes the stars just seem to align... What makes certain performances and certain concert programs more meaningful than others? In these Perspectives, several SMF artists recollect their impressions of specific performances from recent Festival seasons.

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